Governor Cuomo Announces Transformational Projects in Hicksville as Part of $10 Million Award


Downtown Revitalization Projects Will Increase Access to Transportation, Improve Walkability, and Redevelop Underutilized Property for Mixed-Use

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced four transformational projects for downtown Hicksville within the Town of Oyster Bay as part of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative award. The strategic transit-oriented development investments will support increased access to transportation, improve walkability, and redevelop underutilized property for mixed uses, including residential units, retail, and parking. The investments are part of the Governor’s ongoing efforts to revitalize local economies and create more opportunities for Long Island. These awards also align with the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council’s key strategy to integrate smart growth principles of transit-oriented development.

“Hicksville is a critical transportation hub for Long Islanders, and these projects will entice those who pass through to stay and further invest in this great community,” Governor Cuomo said. “This funding will help to make transportation even more accessible, and like the main line third track for the LIRR, the Downtown Revitalization Initiative is improving the quality of life those who live in and around Hicksville.”

Hicksville was named a DRI Round 2 winner in August. Hicksville is a transit-rich and diverse community within the Town of Oyster Bay in central Nassau County. The DRI area is located within the hamlet’s central business district, and includes ethnic dining establishments, specialty food markets and cultural centers, as well as retail and office spaces. Hicksville is home to both retail chains and downtown mom-and-pop storefronts.

Public support for revitalization, coupled with DRI funding, will allow improvements in the downtown pedestrian environment to make it safer and incentivize walking and biking as viable transportation options. Hicksville is already strategically positioned to benefit from and contribute to the projected growth in healthcare, high-tech, and educational industry sectors, making it an attractive area for educated and well-paid professionals. Pending improvements to the busiest station on the Long Island Rail Road will provide the opportunity for a true renaissance of the area. With anticipated increases in commuter traffic and demand for housing, the vision for Hicksville also includes new public space for events and increasing the diversity of housing stock.

This funding will help to make transportation even more accessible, and like the main line third track for the LIRR, the Downtown Revitalization Initiative is improving the quality of life those who live in and around Hicksville.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

The specific projects to be funded through the DRI include:

Hicksville Station Access Improvements: Create a new entry drive for the Hicksville Long Island Rail Road Station lobby that will enhance the appearance of the area, improve station access for both cars and pedestrians, and relieve congestion along Route 106 and Newbridge Road. The new entry will increase the linear footage for rider drop-off. ($3,601,134)

Public Space at New Station Plaza: Create new public open space adjacent to the Hicksville Long Island Rail Road Station lobby to accommodate the twice daily surge of commuters. The plaza will allow for intermodal transfers, enhance the pedestrian experience, and provide green space for residents to enjoy passive activities. The open space will link to a new commercial corridor on West Barclay Street. ($2,581,212)

Public Space at Festival Plaza: Create a new pedestrian passageway and public open space to establish a safer and more engaging walkway from the station lobby to Jerusalem Avenue and nearby parking lots. Trees, seating, and temporary pavilions will enhance this public space. The new Festival Plaza will also support seasonal activities and pop-up ventures that can be appreciated by both residents and commuters. ($2,517,654)

Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development at Hicksville Station: Redevelopment of an underutilized property adjacent to the Hicksville Long Island Railroad Station on Nelson Avenue for mixed uses. The new development will include three buildings with over 180 mixed-income residential units, below-grade parking, and retail and restaurants on the street level. A public plaza and will provide green space for the community at a key location near the train station. ($1,000,000)

The Town of Oyster Bay developed a Strategic Investment Plan to revitalize Hicksville with $300,000 in planning funds from the $10 million DRI grant. A Local Planning Committee made up of municipal representatives, community leaders, and other stakeholders led the effort, supported by a team of private sector experts and state planners. The Strategic Investment Plan for Hicksville examined local assets and opportunities and identified economic development, transportation, housing, and community projects that align with the community’s vision for downtown revitalization and that are poised for implementation.

“Investments from New York State are transforming Hicksville, and this latest award from the Downtown Revitalization Initiative will continue the momentum for this community,” said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. “Hicksville is moving forward with plans to re-imagine its downtown as a transportation, business and mixed-use residential hub. We know the economic health of communities can be bolstered by strong central commercial districts. That is why we are investing in the future of this area with critical funding to help improve transportation infrastructure with pedestrian-friendly elements. This DRI investment will be a catalyst for new jobs and opportunities across Oyster Bay and Nassau County.”

New York Secretary of State Rossana Rosado said, “Hicksville is a vibrant community in the heart of Oyster Bay, which is in the heart Long Island. Its importance to the greater community cannot be understated. These projects will beautify the downtown and create a welcoming space for residents and businesses.”

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky said, “Long Island has seen incredible growth over the past seven years, with smart strategic planning and targeted investments to cultivate a vibrant 21st century economy. The Downtown Revitalization Initiative will connect Hicksville with the tools and resources to build on this exciting trajectory of growth, opportunity, and community-based development.”

NYS Homes and Community Renewal Commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas said, “Through Governor Cuomo’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative, these community-led, targeted investments will combine with HCR’s $254 million investment in Long Island over the last seven years that has created affordable housing for about 6,300 residents to help ensure that as Hicksville’s economy grows, all New Yorkers have the opportunity to take part. In New York State, we are lucky to have a Governor who understands how to build inclusive, long-term economic success.”

Senator Elaine Phillips said, “Revitalizing the downtown Hicksville area will bring a much-needed economic boost to our region that will not only create jobs but will attract businesses and improve the quality of life for current residents and future generations. Investing in our local communities is paramount to our region’s future, and this project has been a long time coming for Hicksville.”

Assemblyman Michael Montesano said, “We have seen how the Downtown Revitalization Initiative has transformed communities across the state, driving business, tourism, and local economies like never before. This critical funding will drive economic opportunities throughout our community and help to make Hicksville a sought after destination for all who travel through it. I thank Governor Cuomo for seeing the potential we all know downtown Hicksville has.”

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said, “I thank Governor Cuomo for once again delivering on his promises of strong support and investment into Nassau County. Downtown revitalization projects like the one in Hicksville are a cornerstone to Nassau’s economic development vision and we thank our local and statewide leaders who are helping providing the resources and support to make our communities perfect places for families to live, work and play.”

Nassau County Legislator Rose Marie Walker said, “Governor Cuomo’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative is transforming communities across the state, and we are honored to see Hicksville benefit from the program. These investments will support the Hamlet’s role as an important transit hub and foster smart growth throughout the community.”

Nassau County Legislator Laura Schaefer said, “Governor Cuomo’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative will transform our community and usher in a new Era for Hicksville. I thank the Governor for his commitment to the people of long Island and Hicksville.”

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino said, “We are thrilled that Hicksville is receiving these well-deserved grants to transform the downtown. The investments announced by Governor Cuomo will help build upon our community’s strengths and provide even more opportunity for our residents. We are grateful for this important investment as it will have a lasting impact on our community.”

Kevin Law, Co-Chair REDC and President and CEO of the Long Island Association said, “Thanks to Governor Cuomo, Hicksville will finally be able to realize its full potential. These investments will not only help to make downtown more commuter-friendly, they will ultimately make Hicksville a destination for Long Island residents looking for a walkable, accessible downtown area with restaurants, retail, and entertainment all in one convenient location.”

Kyle Strober, Executive Director, Association for a Better Long Island, said, “We are honored to see Hicksville receive investments in these important projects. Governor Cuomo understands the importance of Hicksville to all of Long Island and we now have yet another infrastructure project to be proud of. I thank the Governor and our local leaders for working to ensure the Hamlet gets the support it deserves.”